Wayward Cocktails online with SPN Set Designer Jerry Wanek

BYO cocktails and join our amazing Supernatural Producer and Production Designer Jerry Wanek and myself this Saturday night at 6.30pm (right coast US time)* as we celebrate Jerry's wonderful Supernatural set book by Insight Editions, as we do a deep dive into his 15 years of designing the motels, diners and everything from heaven to hell that gave Supernatural its distinctive look. 

More details at the link below. Its a free event but you need to register. 

The event will be recorded so you can view later.

(* thats 8.30am Sunday Melbourne time)

J2 stuffed toy

LiveJournal is 22 today!

Domain was registered on April 15, 1999. The same year, the cult movie "The Matrix" was released, the 6 billionth inhabitant of the Earth was born in the city of Sarajevo, and Britney Spears' debut single Baby One More Time topped the world charts.
On April 15, 2021 LiveJournal turns 22 years old! LiveJournal celebrates its birthday and gives you a card with a bright event that happened the year you started your blog!