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Oct. 12th, 2019

kaz 2018

SPN stuff and Jared news

Woke up to news that "WALKER" has been picked up by the CW
(which means that Jared will have worked with them for their entire run so far)

I was hoping that it would CBS but hey, any pick up is good. Exciting news for Jared.

Article here  (linkety link)

Also FINALLY Jared's 1998 duo interpretation clip has been put up by The Nation Speech & Debate Association
YAAAAYYY!!!! He is so freaking good, and at 15 yrs old.


Also, i was pleasantly surprised by 15.01, am interested to see where they go with the storyline, J2 still are absolute MAGIC together, and they both look FREAKING PRETTY ARGH!!!!
I think i am preffering this role for Alex, as soulless Jack was starting to annoy me.
Finally Cas was given something to do, nice to see him be a BAMF.
That Sam premonition, or whatever that was.. WTF?!?! Can't wait for whatever that was!
I just wish that all the ghosts were in the dark, the clown freaked me out, but in the bright light the others just weren't scary.

Found out that supposedly S15 is NOT AIRING IN AUSTRALIA WHAT THE????? So we have to wait for netflix or whoever picks it up. How RUDE.

Anyway i loved all the excitement of the show coming back, i missed my guys, everything is so bittersweet now.

I went and watched 14.20 and 15.01 last night with my bud fanspired and it was so good watching it (and pausing to discuss) thanks for having me!!

Jul. 20th, 2019

kaz 2018

Happy Birthday Jared

Read more...Collapse )

Jul. 9th, 2019

kaz 2018

Comment to 'SPN Writer Appreciation: Ben Edlund' by raloria in positively_spn

Wow, they are all amazing episodes, some of my all time faves from the whole series.

If I am forced to choose, these are my pics from the Ben Edlund episodes.

Simon said
Bad day at black rock - in my top 10 most watchable eps of the entire show.
Wishful thinking. “kneel before Todd” hee hee
The end
Abandon all hope. //sobs
My bloody valentine “wait your turn” gah yes!

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May. 14th, 2019

kaz 2018

Journal Rec

kaz 2018

Comment to 'FanFic Friday: What SPN FanFic Are You Reading?' by raloria in positively_spn

Thank you so much for the fic rec, (another brick in the wall) I started and couldn’t stop. Devastating, visceral and hauntingly beautiful.

The Winchesters love for each other, over everything, even themselves. Let the whole world burn. Just the way I like it \o/

I could copy and paste almost this entire fic. Haha
Lines like this, that show us so much (and it’s brutal)

“The denim of Sam's jeans was strangely slick over the knees. Where filth had gotten ground in, then almost polished.”

If I could leave you a kudo for every chapter I would!

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May. 8th, 2019

kaz 2018

Fic Rec

posted here:

Apr. 29th, 2019

kaz 2018

Comment to 'Season 14 Finale: Moriah' by sylsdarkplace in spn_darkside

//peeks around the corner and whispers

Oh my gosh, with the lead up, i thought it would be a mess, too many conflicting stories and hardly any brothers.

There was lots of brothers, and they had stuff to say, they were communicating and angsting (just the way i like them), really pretty and ended up being all about choice, which IMO is the whole thread through 14 seasons.

When Dean smashed God's guitar lols, i still laugh thinking of that. (the celine dion bit wasn't funny, more like WTF, it should have been something like Ed Sheeran or eminem)

Sam, who doesn't like to just follow, unless he knows what is going on, and believes in it (again 14 seasons) comes to the conclusion, that Chuck has been actively WATCHING!!! and doing nothing, which rings through to me, and you can see his faith take a direct hit.
He continues however, to believe in his brother, who DOES NOT LET HIM DOWN! WOOHOO!!!!

I was really surprised after that previous ep, all the people saying The Winchesters (esp Dean) were acting like monsters, and i thought, YOU SHOWED THEM DEAN!!!!
The scene behind the door was magic, and BAMF Dean with the gun hnnng yeees, he just couldn't do it. Made the choice to believe.

and Sam's face when Dean wouldn't pick up the gun, his lil smile was practically screaming SEE MY BROTHER MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE SEE WHY HE IS MY HERO!!!

I never thought Chuck was a sweet lil good guy, He never answered the boys prayers, let Dean go to hell, didn't meet them in the Garden, let Sam jump into the pit and on and on.
and i am sorry, but it is canon that Angels are dicks, does it not stand to reason that God is also? He even says he is a cruel God, in Monster at the end of this book... and we know he is a writer, and he could see every going on, but he just didn't care. (Rob Benedict did an amazing acting job)

I will take the S14 finale over the S11 finale any day, with the weak funny haha God, who only cares about his relationship with whiny Lucifer ugghh.

The cinematography was BEAUTIFUL!

and i don't think we have had a good Sam running scene since S9 DEvil May care so yippee! fly my little gazelle!!

and even though i liked Jack, i was ready for it to stop being 3 men and a baby, i am happy that they saved him, but glad he is out of the picture (for the moment)
if the Winchesters spend all of S15 in a darker grittier world, complete with monsters then i am here for that.

//slinks out
(also all gifs are mine)

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Apr. 18th, 2019

kaz 2018

(no subject)

You can get your own card here!


Apr. 14th, 2019

kaz 2018

Comment to 'SPN_Darkside Episode Poll: 14.18 Absence' by sylsdarkplace in spn_darkside

I agree, this was a beautifully filmed episode (directed by Nina Lopez-Corrado)
some lovely sweeping wide, and high shots.
This was really well done

my gif

Also, lots of the ep is quite dark, and has a gritty feel, which is very SPN. The shots of the boys and their torches is fantastic.
Hope she is used lots in S15 (sobs)

Agree as well J2 acted their tiny, round behinds off, understated and beautiful.
Will give Misha some kudos too, he looked like he was one second away from crying.

(my gif)

Totally sick of Nick, no one is scared of him, he is just boring now...take him away.

I would think that the redemption of Jack and the Winchesters would depend on Jack now and how he behaves,
does he listen to Nick, and go totally darkside? (heh heh darkside) or lay himself at Sam and Dean's feet?
I thought the snake excuse was rather simplistic, Cas should have said that he was worried after the snake, and Jack's increasing coldness, and should have looked further into it, but he didn't.

this was a good line :
Castiel: What he did wasn't bad. It was the absence of good.

I am sad over Mary, even though i think they pretty much botched her character, although watching this (amazing) Sam and Mary video
there was a lot there in hindsight.
I guess i am more grieving for Sam and Dean, as in one episode they lose their Mother and their surrogate son.

I also liked how the show did the death, without us seeing it, it's scarier that way, as your imagination takes over.

I saw a lot of people complaining about the Mary montages, and i do feel that we didn't really need the cas one (even tho it was a nice moment) but just about every TV show i have watched does this, it's a nice send off for the actor, so i don't mind. And we got the grief beard //coughs

I am really looking forward to the last two eps but not the final hiatus.

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Apr. 1st, 2019

kaz 2018

Snippets from J2 Vegascon panel

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