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Posting randomly has encouraged me to post

Hubbie took me down to the beach today for brekkie! Yippee! This is a pic i took from where we were sitting (it's from my mob so sorry for quality)

avoca beach

Two "All Hell Breaks Loose" Edits i made today. I love that jared is eating Fantales and the huge bag next to Jensen. Now i want one.

AHBL-Supernatural-OzCon-Sydney-jensen-ackles myed

This is one of my all time favourite Jensen outfits! It is so SEXY.Those jeans and the scuffed boots are killing me. Thought you might like this big_heart_june

AHBL jjared fantale myed

Jared is reading the back of the fantale wrapper. They have movie trivia on them. I love that he is on stage in fron of 100's of people and he is distracted by a lolly wrapper. Hee!  Fantales are yummy but they are chocolate covered caramel and it is impossible to talk while eating one.!

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