May 4th, 2015

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killing the love of fandom

Long ramble grumping over fannish culture and how it kills people’s love of a thing. Unedited, probably impolitic, quite possibly wrong (I’m sure Tumblr will tell me how).
I love this post by jaxblade​ so much because so much of nerd culture kills the genuine love we have for things. Nerd love or geek love of something is often competitive or conditional or policed in some way. You need to love it more than someone else, you can love it but only until you’re a certain age, you can love it but only with a string of disclaimers and apologies for how you know it’s really shitty/the creator is shitty/the actor is shitty. And, yeah, there’s a time and a place for problematizing things and having good meta discussion and there’s a certain age appropriateness to some things where it’s time to step aside a little with your love to let little kids coming up behind you take the stage.
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