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March 6th, 2018

kaz 2018

J2M with added kittens wallpaper

Wallpapers from the EW 2017 photoshoot. (please credit if you share)
click for fullsize.

Couldn't decide if i like the darker or lighter version, so you get both. Also they are way too adorable, i bet they had so much fun.
Also who knew that J2 would look so good in bomber jackets? WHO KNEW!!!!

kaz 2018

Comment to 'Road to hell paved with "Good Intentions"... (thoughts on SPN and episode 13.14)' by…

YOU GET ME YOU REALLY GET ME!!!! ditto to all of this this.

Loved your analogy to Dean being "the little black dress" EXACTLY!!! and when Dean is onscreen you are keeping all the SamDean AND Deancas fans happy!

I have never wished that a showrunner would leave, but i gotta say, i LOVED S11 so MUCH, right up until the last three episodes, which is when Dabb took over, and we got Lucifer as a comedic device etc, Mary coming back but having no relationship with her sons, Sam and Dean being all buddy buddy, but losing their connection etc etc.
I think he is the first showrunner, instead of making his own vision, is making the show FOR the fans, which is never a good idea, and in doing so, is changing the show to ensemble and making it just not the spn that i fell in love with.

Look, i like a lot of the other characters, but only as much as i like characters in other shows that i enjoy. For me, SPN and the Winchester family line ARE IT, and i think Dabb has forgotten, that J2 are literal stars on screen, they are such good actors, and beautiful, and when they are angsting together, or over each other, the show is EXCEPTIONAL, take that away and it is just like all the other shows...

In my own opinion hah! Jared thought it was a good idea to expand the universe, to give he and Jensen a break, and obvs thought it would be interesting. I honestly don't know if he even realises that some of his scenes are being cut, that he is being blurred out, or that the camera doesn't include him at all when he is in the scene.
I think Jensen doesn't really like the new format. He usually brings up older Seasons as faves, and said at Vegascon this last weekend, that he wishes the boys were still looking for Dad. I think he kinda knows...

That said, i will be here until the end, i still love show, even if it wasn't what it was, and we still do get scenes of brilliance..my hope is, that we will get a new showrunner to take us to the end..

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kaz 2018

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