October 12th, 2019

kaz 2018

SPN stuff and Jared news

Woke up to news that "WALKER" has been picked up by the CW
(which means that Jared will have worked with them for their entire run so far)

I was hoping that it would CBS but hey, any pick up is good. Exciting news for Jared.

Article here  (linkety link)

Also FINALLY Jared's 1998 duo interpretation clip has been put up by The Nation Speech & Debate Association
YAAAAYYY!!!! He is so freaking good, and at 15 yrs old.


Also, i was pleasantly surprised by 15.01, am interested to see where they go with the storyline, J2 still are absolute MAGIC together, and they both look FREAKING PRETTY ARGH!!!!
I think i am preffering this role for Alex, as soulless Jack was starting to annoy me.
Finally Cas was given something to do, nice to see him be a BAMF.
That Sam premonition, or whatever that was.. WTF?!?! Can't wait for whatever that was!
I just wish that all the ghosts were in the dark, the clown freaked me out, but in the bright light the others just weren't scary.

Found out that supposedly S15 is NOT AIRING IN AUSTRALIA WHAT THE????? So we have to wait for netflix or whoever picks it up. How RUDE.

Anyway i loved all the excitement of the show coming back, i missed my guys, everything is so bittersweet now.

I went and watched 14.20 and 15.01 last night with my bud fanspired and it was so good watching it (and pausing to discuss) thanks for having me!!