January 25th, 2020

SPN S15 hug

My comment to an entry 'Initial reaction 15.10: "The Heroes' Journey"' by caranfindel

Maybe he just likes warren zevon. Bwaha love it.

I think it was meant to be how the Winchesters would be if they were “raised as normal” so they never learnt handy skills as lock picking, and running away from monsters bigger than them (and Sam would have probs tripped).

I can hand wave all of it, and it is mainly cute and amusing (I laughed out loud at Dean with all the wadding in his mouth - I love that our stars go all in, still, bless them)

But yeah, blowing up all the monsters? Maybe a bunch of them are fireproof or Garth knows there is a really good sprinkler system installed?

Love your review, and love for mapquest, as always!

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