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Sam Winchester birthday fic fest

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Hey all! I'm running something over on my Tumblr but I thought I would post it here too to catch the attention of all the great LJ writers.

Basically, for Sam's birthday I thought it would be fun to run a fic(let) fest where people pick one of Sam's birthdays and write a fic about it. (He's turning 32 but there are 36 birthdays because a) I'm including the day of his birth, b) the missing six months in Mystery Spot and c) SPN likes to ignore 'missing years' in between seasons.) I've got it all laid out on my Tumblr page right here so yeah, take a look, pick a year and send me a message (or leave a comment) to claim it!

Ficlets should be between 250 and 1500 words and they should be completed by the end of May (because May 2 seems like a very short deadline... if you can make it, though, amazing!).

When you've written the ficlet, post it wherever you like and send me a link - when they're all done I'll make a masterpost and post it here and on Tumblr.

Any other questions, hit me up!
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