lipglosskaz (kazluvsbooks) wrote,

Three more sleeps

I can't WAIT for SPN to start..i only became a fan last year so have never had to suffer through a break IS hell.
I think Dean is gonna be all hardbitten warrior..his arms look like..unf..and Sam is gonna be smooshy and his hair is soft and beautiful so yeah. ;)
I can't BELIEVE i have told girlfriends that i would go see "Taken 2" with them on Thursday (which is when i will be livestreaming SPN) and i am going to have to think up an excuse and cancel.What was i thinking?

It;s funny that since i discovered SPN last October i have now discovered Tumblr,LJ and fanfiction..what has become of my life? I used to read 4 or so books a week and now..not so much :)

Hug supernatural

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