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Really cute J2 Houscon 2016 auto story

original story here by suggsygirl

So I went to Houscon 2016. I flew there from England and met all the boys but something happened during my autographs which people wanted me to share so here goes. I decided to write a little blurb about each actor, mainly to amuse myself as they don’t usually have the time to read anything, but also because I like to add a little paragraph beside the autograph to remind me of when it happened and the circumstances surrounding it.
So I went to Matt’s auto, he did not read the blurb, just signed it and then looked at my photo I’d had taken with him.
I queued up for Jensen’s auto and was pretty relaxed about it. I’d sort of forgotten about the content of the paragraph in the book and also I figured there was a zero percent chance he’d actually read it, especially as Matt had been too busy to. I put the book down and Jensen said hello to me, I said hello back and then he looked down and started reading. I tried to put my hand over it and said, “No, don’t read it!” He just raised an eyebrow and smirked at me before carrying on reading. When he got to THAT line, he burst out laughing and said, “Well, that’s all pretty factual but how did you know?” to which I could do nothing but turn bright red and stammer. He then showed it to his handler who put her hand over her mouth and then burst out laughing. All the time Jensen was looking at me and smirking and saying, “Yeah, you know!” to me. He then called over another staff member and made her read it, telling her, “Just for your information, y’know.” He was grinning and he even winked at me at one point and then he signed it and said, “Yeah, you know it.” And handed it back to me. He then proceeded to tell my friend behind me, “How does she know that?”
So with that interaction fresh in my mind I knew there was a high chance that Jared would also read his, although his was far tamer than Jensen’s. When he read the section about him once calling me ‘doll’ in a photo op and me almost swooning, he signed it and said, “Thanks, doll,” with the biggest grin on his face. I pretended to faint and he grinned even wider and said, “Thank you for your smile.”
It was such an amazing experience and it was great to see Jensen let loose and really enjoy himself. Although it was embarrassing at the time, now it’s pretty funny and I’m pretty sure Jensen will remember it!

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