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My S14 SPN wishlist

Micheal Dean: turns out to like fashion, and every time we see him he is wearing a new on trend outfit. (including shorts hah)
Sam: WE STILL HAVEN'T HAD A SAM SHOWER SCENE!!! in 13 years!! what's up show? Pls include beard washing and dripping soap (or dropping soap - either is fine).
Sam and Dean: go on a case as undercover strippers (what??)
Cas: Decides to cook dinner for Sam and Jack to cheer them up, i would like to see him following a youtube cooking tutorial (with something involving flour).
Sam and Jack: Sam teaches Jack to drive. Each time they take a different car from the garage. Jack is bad at it.
Sam and Dean: a bro hug and crying when Dean is set free (optional hair patting)
Sam: while dean is gone, Sam redecorates the Dean Cave including hipster posters, and stacks of pop CD's, just to drive Dean crazy when he gets back.
Team Free Will 2.0: have a case involving a new monster and everyone is clueless. Jack and Cas argue in the back, Sam and Dean roll their eyes in the front. They play car games. bonus for a cool fight scene (on the ground)
Lucifer: is really REALLY DEAD. like dead dead.
Monsters: the invisible man. Chupacabra (inc Ketch) Goblins. The Winchester House, duh! Possessed motel room.

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