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I agree, this was a beautifully filmed episode (directed by Nina Lopez-Corrado)
some lovely sweeping wide, and high shots.
This was really well done

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Also, lots of the ep is quite dark, and has a gritty feel, which is very SPN. The shots of the boys and their torches is fantastic.
Hope she is used lots in S15 (sobs)

Agree as well J2 acted their tiny, round behinds off, understated and beautiful.
Will give Misha some kudos too, he looked like he was one second away from crying.

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Totally sick of Nick, no one is scared of him, he is just boring now...take him away.

I would think that the redemption of Jack and the Winchesters would depend on Jack now and how he behaves,
does he listen to Nick, and go totally darkside? (heh heh darkside) or lay himself at Sam and Dean's feet?
I thought the snake excuse was rather simplistic, Cas should have said that he was worried after the snake, and Jack's increasing coldness, and should have looked further into it, but he didn't.

this was a good line :
Castiel: What he did wasn't bad. It was the absence of good.

I am sad over Mary, even though i think they pretty much botched her character, although watching this (amazing) Sam and Mary video
there was a lot there in hindsight.
I guess i am more grieving for Sam and Dean, as in one episode they lose their Mother and their surrogate son.

I also liked how the show did the death, without us seeing it, it's scarier that way, as your imagination takes over.

I saw a lot of people complaining about the Mary montages, and i do feel that we didn't really need the cas one (even tho it was a nice moment) but just about every TV show i have watched does this, it's a nice send off for the actor, so i don't mind. And we got the grief beard //coughs

I am really looking forward to the last two eps but not the final hiatus.

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