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//peeks around the corner and whispers

Oh my gosh, with the lead up, i thought it would be a mess, too many conflicting stories and hardly any brothers.

There was lots of brothers, and they had stuff to say, they were communicating and angsting (just the way i like them), really pretty and ended up being all about choice, which IMO is the whole thread through 14 seasons.

When Dean smashed God's guitar lols, i still laugh thinking of that. (the celine dion bit wasn't funny, more like WTF, it should have been something like Ed Sheeran or eminem)

Sam, who doesn't like to just follow, unless he knows what is going on, and believes in it (again 14 seasons) comes to the conclusion, that Chuck has been actively WATCHING!!! and doing nothing, which rings through to me, and you can see his faith take a direct hit.
He continues however, to believe in his brother, who DOES NOT LET HIM DOWN! WOOHOO!!!!

I was really surprised after that previous ep, all the people saying The Winchesters (esp Dean) were acting like monsters, and i thought, YOU SHOWED THEM DEAN!!!!
The scene behind the door was magic, and BAMF Dean with the gun hnnng yeees, he just couldn't do it. Made the choice to believe.

and Sam's face when Dean wouldn't pick up the gun, his lil smile was practically screaming SEE MY BROTHER MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE SEE WHY HE IS MY HERO!!!

I never thought Chuck was a sweet lil good guy, He never answered the boys prayers, let Dean go to hell, didn't meet them in the Garden, let Sam jump into the pit and on and on.
and i am sorry, but it is canon that Angels are dicks, does it not stand to reason that God is also? He even says he is a cruel God, in Monster at the end of this book... and we know he is a writer, and he could see every going on, but he just didn't care. (Rob Benedict did an amazing acting job)

I will take the S14 finale over the S11 finale any day, with the weak funny haha God, who only cares about his relationship with whiny Lucifer ugghh.

The cinematography was BEAUTIFUL!

and i don't think we have had a good Sam running scene since S9 DEvil May care so yippee! fly my little gazelle!!

and even though i liked Jack, i was ready for it to stop being 3 men and a baby, i am happy that they saved him, but glad he is out of the picture (for the moment)
if the Winchesters spend all of S15 in a darker grittier world, complete with monsters then i am here for that.

//slinks out
(also all gifs are mine)

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