lipglosskaz (kazluvsbooks) wrote,

kaz makes GIF's

I taught myself how to make GIF's today and i am addicted ALREADY!!! Dammit!
At least i get to gif what i want..even if i am not very good yet :)
Anyway here are a few of the Jared ones i made to practice today.

This one is Jared on the red carpet busted by the camera saying "I am sweating like a whore in church"  :)

Jared - Best of the Worst moments on the Red Carpet.mp40000againsmallerlessagainandagain

This one is from the "House of Wax" red Carpet and has the words "See Paris Die" behind Jared.

i just keep watching that hand..over and over..

Jared - TV Guides Sexiest Star.yum

Tags: hot stuff, jared padalecki, kazluvsbooks, supernatural

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