My comment to an entry 'spn!' by balefully

Urgh, i have just loved reading all this, including the replies.
Especially as a lot of you are authors, and i read your amazing fics after you had all left LJ (i didn't join till late 2011) so mad respect.

Jared did some private fan zooms on Sunday, and this is what he told one of my twitter buddies, who asked about the blurry woman.

"I asked Jared if the blurry person was supposed to be specific individual.
He said no, that Sam's partner &/or co-parent was left open.
He said that Sam's sexuality/gender is whatever speaks to us.
He did NOT use the term "wife". But specifically called her a co-parent.
So it's possible Sam married somebody else or didn't even marry at all"

I had been dreading the finale, after a lot of S15 felt like fan service, and the sidelining of Sam for the last few seasons, i was so so worried.
However, like the episode red meat. this episode far exceeded my expectations. Even the Sam montage parts.
What a tragedy to "carry on" even when all of you want is to die, to give up, the first 5 years feels like you are in a slow moving nightmare, but slowly, you make some kind of life.
You have a son, by someone who is not the love of your life, but you have a son to carry on the Winchester name. and you wait.

little ficlet i found on tumblr about sam's life post Dean.

and this one about his death

Agree, that Dean in the barn scene is, i believe his best performance ever.
The way he couldn't breath, his inflections, the adoration in his eyes, that he couldn't believe his luck, to die, looking at his Sam.

anyway, i am a huge fan of your writing, and am so happy that you came to share your episode reaction. (will follow you in case you do write a coda, if that is alright)

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